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Pass All Paypal Transection in to Tally at one Click

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Step By Step Pass all PayPal Entries to Tally Acounting Softwear

Here i guide you Step by Step Pass All PayPal entry to Tally at one Click..  As i am Work as Freelancer i am getting payment form Overseas via PayPal and being An Accountant i need an easy way to pass all PayPal entry in my accounting software Tally..

As i get easy way and use of Some Tool everyone Can do This.. follow me and Step Given.. without Skipping any Step..


Required Tool Can be Downloaded Via Given Link !!!

Here is All Steps.. Go Step By Step without Skipping Any Step..

  1. Sign In / Login to PayPal.
  2. Than Go to History. And Download CSV reports  along with shopping cart details. It is better to download monthly batches for time and Data Saving.
  3. Download – unzip the contents to your local web server directory
  4. Create paypal_NEW_history table in your MySQL DB using PayPal_New_history.sql file. (You may need bit knowledge to make MySQL Database making and manipulating.. )
  5. Fetch PayPal transactions to this table using phpMyAdmin by Importing Data.
  6. Make sure all data is imported correctly. Fix problems if any.
  7. Configure database details and other configuration options in or config.php
  8. Make sure “Data” folder is write-able (chmod 666)
  9. Run the index.php via browser!
  10. Make sure generated XML files are valid. (You can open them with browser)
  11. Open Tally and Open the company you want to import to.
  12. Import Ledgers using Import Masters option under “Gateway of Tally”
  13. Verify it Check your worked.
  14. Import All transaction and vouchers using “Import Vouchers” option
  15. Check and Verify it worked!
  16. Enjoy!  i am waiting for your successive mail  to

Troubleshooting / Common Problems

  1. Make sure the financial year is set correctly. Dates in import files must be within current financial year in Tally.
  2. Make sure starting voucher number is set correctly. Vouchers won’t import otherwise.
  3. If only some of the data gets imported (Tally quits importing at certain percentage), check the imported data. Find out last imported transaction. Locate it in the XML file. You have some problem with the transaction after this.
  4. These scripts don’t import Purchase information yet.  (Soon in next Blog.)  give your email if you want Purchase information and script for that.

Free Download

In a hurry?

Download from here.

I looks around the web to find if someone else had similar problems and came up with some solution. And sure, I found UDI Magic by RTSLink.

RTSLink creates excellent software to import Excel to Tally, SQL Server / MySQL / DBF and virtually any database to Tally. The have a free utility called UDI Magic that allows importing Excel data to Tally.

For Learning A to Z Accounting with Tally. I  Suggest  Suchak Computer and Education Center.

Any problem you find please email : About Me I will reply you and do my best to helpful to you.

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