3d model Hawk Leg Pendant

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3d Model Hawk Leg Pendant

– STL format Digital File for 3D print. and Wax Cast produce
– Further Cast in Gold or Silver with Lost Wax Casting process.
– Size and Weight explain bellow. (Detail associated with Images)
– Perl or Diamond holds in Clows.
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3d model Hawk Leg Pendant

3D file for Pendant available with high quality mesh, made with Zbrush and Rhinoceros.

Zbrush is widely used for Sculpting software and Rhinoceros is well known for jewelry. also many other Software used for HD Rendering images too.

Well knowledge of jewelry Fittings and Measurement take in to consideration while making this 3D File. S.o its Easy to Cast and Fix Pear or Diamond of 9mm Diameter in Size.

This File is Scalable and can be modified for bigger or smaller Pear too. (Pear or Diamond Not included with File).

Weight in 22k yg = 3.550 gm

Weight in 925 silver = 2.000 gm

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